The World is All Yours


The World is All Yours


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Social Network Fever: Do you think we really need to become so social?

I consider my self  lucky  to  have  witnessed  an  admission  interview that somehow  gave  me a  strong  Idea  of  where  we are actually  standing today.The three year old  was  asked about his  hobby and  the  answer  was  amazing “My hobby  is  watching  cartoon and when  I will grow up  newspassing will be my hobby like  my elder brother”.’News passing’ what is  it all about? This  answer of  this  question  was  then  as important as  the  name of  the  person  who stole  Tagore’s nobel.The lady  interviewing  the  kid  asked his parents  about their  son.She came  to know  that the elder  brother of  the  child  is a student  of  their rival  school  at 9th standard.She immediately  assumed that he  must  be the  student representive of  some English  daily.

”Jounalism” was    tagged  not-understandable  for  the  kid  who  wanted  “newspassing “ to become his hobby.The  embarrassment  that  covered  the  couple’s face somehow  gave  a  hint  about  the fact that  the  assumption  of  the  Lady  differed a lot  from  the real  story.The interview got over  and  they  just left the room ,the child  was  too  cute to be not pamperd  .Luckily  toffes never  abandone  my  purse .As they  were  walking towards  the  gate  “Excuse me” said  I  and  the child turned back  “this  is for you” I  gave him  2 toffees.He  immediately flashed  a  smile that  could melt anyone’s heart.” So mr. future  newspasser shall see you  on  tv reading news or  read you  articles on  newspaper” he  readily  replied  something  that sounded a lot  like “Facebook”.The embarrasement  on  his parent’s face was  truelly pathetic.

This  is  the story  of  a  class 9 student becoming news passer and  a  three  year  old’s inspiration.
Social  network these days ,in particular Facebook ,seems  to be  the  newest  way  of todays  youth  to  communicate  with  each other.Life outside  facebook and  sharing  outside whatsapp seems  so  colourless  as if  life  hardly  exisits outside  these .Well keeping  the  sarcasm ,you  can  say  social  network  nowdays is  the  the place  you  can  know about current affairs.If  you  are  quite  a  social  person  you  will  befriend  every Tom-Dick-n-Harry from  different  parts  of  the country  followed  by  the inie-minnies-n-minnies.If  you  are  a  guy  the  social  networks  are always  at your service  .

You  can  follow  any  girl here be it  a celevrity  be  just  someone  not  even  worth remembering.If you are  a  girl  nomatter  what  kind of  phone you  are  accessing  the  social  network  from,nomatter  how  poor  you  are you can  add  a  princess prefix to your  name.If nobody  every  found  you  cute  ,nobody ever addressed you angel you  have free licsence here.

So far  people used television  to  know weather update now days if  a girl updates “Awww it  rain..choo chweet m luvin it- near Kolkata”

 if she  is  average looking but  a  great flaunter atleast  guys from  different part of  the city and the state would know about  the  rain . If see  satisfies the   criteria  of  being  addressed  beautifull  or  cute  or  atleast  cool ,the rain  tagged  status would  be beautified  with  comments like  “Wow   baby    you love  rain  J me too.”

Voting  is    our  responsibility and  news  papers run  behind stars  to  click  them  with vote mark  on their  fingers.But social  network  is a  place where  everyone  flauts  their  selfie after voting  .Social  network  is  a  place where people convey how  excited they are  after facing  the    earthquake  tremor .Instead of  getting  terrified  they  feel  so  damn  excited.
If  you  are a social  person  you  will have friends  who  loves to  discuss  personal  life throung  their  facebook  status.

Those  guys /girls  have lots  of  friends  to sympathize them  too.If you  are  a  girl  you will receive friend request  from people  who are afraid ,better to say  ashamed of  revealing  their  names .

.But they  kind of  write  all  their  agony  on their facebook  wall.Inspired by “I guess  my life  is an  open  book  anyone  can  take a look  “ .

Clearly  I  would love  to thank  them  for clearing my  misconception .I know  a  lot of people  who  are model by  proffesion.Some of them get offers  for  sad  roles.They go  for  those  photoshoots  then  those photos are  finally  sold and  shared over the  network  to  convey  the  feelings  like  heartbreak ,emptiness  etc.Those pictures are actually shared uploaded by  some ill at ease people  who loves to  convey  their feeling  by  those picture.

It  was quite an  interesting ponder session,the social  network  conveys love through Youtube video,feeling  through  pictures.But  some feelings do  remain unconveyed.The  girl whose best  friend is  instagram hardly knows  how  the  freshly showered  herbs  looks after  an  april shower.How  amazing the  wet clay  smells  after rain.The guy  who spends so many hours on criminal and candy crush  saga  deprives himself of  the football matches  the  local boys are crazy about.The metallica  crazy music lovers  keep  posting  youtube links but  fails  to realize  the  heavenly  feeling  that the sound of conch shell sounds

It is true  that  technology  is  getting  advanced  and  social network  is  a part of  life now.But  nowdays  the priority  of social  network  is  crossing  the limit and  hampering  life.

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